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Professional Writing & Editing 
Pam McCraw

Professional Editing Services

Specializing in:
  • Proofreading - general grammar and punctuation
  • Copy Editing - word usage, style, voice, point of view, repetition and clarity
  • Minor Substantive/Content Editing - flow, transitions, sentence/paragraph rewrites and other minor revisions

*Services do NOT include research, checks for plagiarism and/or copyright infringements, authenticity/accuracy of graphics, tables, illustrations, bibliographies or works cited 

All editing packages include:
  • Pre-edit consultation (1 hr) - $20/hr
  • Contracted editing hours - $25/hr
  • Post-edit consultation (1-2 hrs) - $20/hr
  • Continued consultation (1-3 hrs) - $10/hr

Contract Requirements:
  • Pre-edit consultation includes phone conference with author, email submission of writing sample (entire manuscript for articles/blog posts, 2-3 chapters for books), determination of a contract for service including deadlines and payments (depends upon word/page count of manuscript and level of editing required)
  • Contracted editing hours begin upon receipt of: 1) signed contract  2) full manuscript file  3) initial payment  (*Deadlines and turn-around times may be affected by delayed or late receipt of these items)
  • Post-edit consultation (minimum 1 hr) includes phone conference with author to discuss edits, rewrites, and suggestions at which time it will be determined if additional consulting hours are necessary
  • Final payment due at the conclusion of post-edit consultation
  • Jobs needing more than 5 hours of post-edit consultation may require a new contract

Editing Feedback/Testimonials

College Admission Essay Writing

Attention high school students applying for college admission! Would you like to write an admission essay with maximum impact, earning top evaluations for the essay portion of the application?  Let me coach you and help you identify:
  • Some of the best and worst examples of college admission essays
  • Topics to avoid vs. topics that leave a lasting impression  
  • How to turn your unique experiences into an essay that will "wow" college admission counselors
College Admission Essay Package - $150

  • Pre-writing Consultation (1-3 Hours)
  • Professional Proofreading & Editing of Student's Rough Draft 
  • Post-editing Consultation - (1 Hour)
    • Additional coaching hours/services may be added to the package for $20/hr
    • Package covers the production of one (1) essay on one (1) topic
At least 48 hours prior to our first meeting (all meetings will be at the Spartanburg County Public Library on Church St.), students should email the following information:
  • One of the following:
    • A list of the essay topics provided if using The Common Application OR
    • The essay topic assigned by the particular college/university to which the student is applying OR
    • A student generated list of potential topics if not using The Common Application and/or if the college/university does identify a specific topic
  • Any detailed instructions regarding essay guidelines such as word count
  • Student writing sample:
    • One typed, double-spaced page
    • Minimum of two (2) paragraphs
    • May be part of essay rough draft

College Essay Feedback/Testimonials

How to Write a Persuasive Essay